My Top Rooms In The House!

Kitchen Is Where The Heart Is.

The kitchen is the hub of the house, or some even go so far as to call it the heart of the house. We all need to eat and to prepare our food, we need somewhere to prepare it. Most of the bonding between family members is either done in the kitchen or the lounge. When it comes to improvements to the home, I say start with the kitchen! Do make sure you get planning permission for any major work to the kitchen, find out more information here.

Making the kitchen look nice will do wonders for your home and you will actually feel like spending more time in there. A nice looking kitchen will also add a good value to your home when it comes to selling it, figures show an increase of 60-130%. Think about it, when looking for a new home the kitchen is one of the top things on your list which you want to be ideal. I know when my wife and I were house-hunting one of the top things we looked out for is a good sized, well equipped kitchen. As well as having a decent lounge area and a loft, we wanted a nice kitchen.

Both with busy schedules it is hard to find time to cook, but I must admit I do enjoy cooking. From a fiery Indian curry to an English Sunday roast, I find cooking to be very therapeutic and having a nice kitchen makes it all the better for cooking. In our previous house that we were renting, the kitchen was small and cramped, having two people in there would be walking side-ways just to pass one-another. While I did still enjoy cooking there just because of the cooking, the pleasure I get in cooking in our new home with a spacious kitchen is amazing! Some days we can spend most of the day in the kitchen my wife and I – it really is our top room in the house.

Here is a good video with some good tips on remodeling the kitchen..

The Man Cave!

If you're finding that these days you really want more room to do man things, and at the same time you've found that you don't really need to park your vehicle in the garage, you could conveniently transform your garage into a man cave. This is less expensive compared to building a brand-new room into your home and will definitely take a great deal less time, so it's a wonderful alternative for added space. I know this from checking out some Master Man Caves with a true expert who has seen a lot of them via his work doing appliance repair in Scottsdale.

The Plan

The initial decision you need to make with your new garage cave is exactly how comprehensive you want your conversion to be. If this space is going to be made use of all the time and evening as a living quarters (are you sometimes in the dog house?) Also consider if you live an an area with excessive temperature fluctuations. If so, you have a lot extra things to do to convert the area (i.e. heating, a/c, insulation throughout). Nonetheless, if you are doing something simpler, such as a location for macho socializing, you can get by with less effort.

When developing a primitive man cave, you could get by with extremely marginal effort in fact, if that's okay with you. Or if you prefer to make it look like a room inside a house, that's always a choice - it just needs a lot more work to get it done.

The Furniture

You can either bring in furniture from your house to the garage, or look for new items, however you need to have something for all the men to kick back on. You shoudl also plan on having food and also drinks to supply so you are going to need at a minimum, a bar sized refrigerator.

The Man Caveyness

A man cave isn't really a man cave without the ideal details. Make it your personal space. You may really like the idea of having the garage as a garage in some locations, with tools and sporting goods hanging on the wall surfaces or camping equipment in the rafters. Or you can fill the whole space like a dive bar. Keep in mind to keep it comfy, so there's an area to loosen up between shuffleboard games. If you're still into beer pong, you're probably still OK with copping a squat on some accumulated milk crates, but if you're more of a billiards guy, as well as thinking of having a home theater, it's time to buy something softer. Take into consideration a kegerator, an liquor closet, a humidor, and a wine rack, to make it the man cave of a male, not a boy.

Lounging Away!

After the kitchen it most definitely has to be the lounge! Some call it the front room, others the sitting room, we refer to it as the lounge! Since we are “lounging” there any and every chance we get. The Lounge is a room that has a shared decor, it involves the input of both my wife and mine. While she has good taste in some of the interior, some of her selection can be “adventurous” to put it politely and I think every creative person needs an anchor, someone to help keep their feet on the ground. I am my wife’s.

We have a dark wooden laminate floor which has a heated element underneath it. It was up-sold to us by the guys who did our flooring and while it was amazing in the winter, it isn’t needed most of the time as both wife and I wear slippers/flip-flops in the house. Of course when we first got it done we walked around bare foot just for the heated flooring. The other thing about heated flooring is it’s all well and good when the floor is heated but it can take 4-5 hours for the floor to be warm once you turn it on. During the winter months we can leave it on a low heat setting which is energy efficient enough and perfect in keeping us warm enough :)

The Magic Of En-Suite!

This is the first property I have lived in where I have an en-suite toilet and shower. Coming from a family home and having lived in shared housing for the most of my life, I have shared the bathroom almost everywhere that I have lived and it’s been not ideal. You are forever waiting in line in the mornings, and when its a shared toilet/bathroom you have to make sure you are dressed ‘decent’ which I’ve never liked. I like to walk around how nature intended me to walk around (or my vision of nature!). Since having our own en-suite bathroom and toilet it has been a blessing. The children use the upstairs bathroom when they need to go in the night and my wife and I have our privacy.

The Loft.

My very first post and the reason for this blog was my amazing loft! The loft in our house was a mess when we first moved in as I explain in the previous post and we had a company come in and basically transform it into a work of art. I’m not going to share pictures on here just due to personal reasons but it is basically a man-cave.

It has a large screen HDTV, a PS4 a mini fridge, a small bar and a toilet.. because you know, people need to go from time to time! :)

My loft is a place for me to completely unwind and step away from the busy life that I lead. I have friends over when the football is on and my kids love it because they get to play on the PS4 as well as just be completely relaxed. The purpose of the loft was go give a sense of relaxation and a good mood which it does very effectively.

The roof window is nicely situated under a bean bag where you can comfortably sit and watch the stars on a clear night either with the naked eye or with my telescope. I have a set of reclining sofa’s a good distance infront of the TV, a fridge right next to the iron throne (what I call my chair) so I dont even need to get up from my seat to grab a beer or a snack. I have a ceiling fan, some illuminated lighting. I am always adding things to the room and always looking for new toys which I can have to make the loft more personal to me – so if you have any ideas, please dont be shy and email them through to me.

This post was basically a round-up of all of my favourite rooms of my house, I have described my preferences (and in some parts my wife’s preferences), but what I write here is purely for generating ideas.

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The Perfect TV Room

Every guy needs a place he can call his home (besides his home!). I love my wife and my kids dearly but ocassionally I do need time to myself. Whether I am simply watching TV, football or my favourite series or playing on my PS3; I need to be in a world of my own to disappear from the outside.

I had something like this in mind..

But I couldn’t afford half of the facilities you see here in this mockup and the space required was far less than what we could spare.

For this very reason I created my den. This was 10′ x 10′ of pure ME! I created it with my architect from start to finish. It was something I was very proud of and still show it off to any and all guests and visitors. The males love it, the women – not so much!

For me it is my man-cave. I would like to spend more time hiding in there than I do, but just knowing it’s there makes me happy!

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Extending Your Homes Value and Space

Welcome to my blog about homes!

I am very passionate about my home. It is my place of rest and the hub of my life (sounds cheesy I know!). I take a lot of pride in my home and I have started this blog to give you tips, advice and recommendations for things to do in your home.

After moving out of my parents place, I rented a flat. It was a nice cosy bachelor pad and it was perfect for me as a single guy working in the city. I then met my girlfriend at the time (my wife now) and decided to settle down and start a family. So we got married, and whilst living in the flat I saved up a nice some of money. She too had some savings so we put the savings together and bought a house.

The house was a lovely 3 bedroom semi-detached, just far enough from the city to be relaxing and close enough to commute. Skip forward ten years and we are now a family of five. Our twin boys and our lovely daughter blessed us with their arrivals and the house we lived in soon became smaller than it is.

The loft had never really been used by us or the previous occupants – I didn’t even fancy going up there to be honest! But in truth it was space we could use to our advantage. So we decided to get a loft conversion done (Wikipedia article to more information on loft conversions). We contacted a few loft conversion companies in the area who all came out to look at the property and talk us through out options. We decided to go with a Local Loft Conversions company, Luxury Lofts, who swiftly came out, were very professional and gave us a fixed price quote and a realistic completion date (9 weeks). You can find them at www.luxurylofts.con.

Within 8 weeks they were done and dusted. They did an amazing job, they kept the disturbance low and were pleasant. We now have an extra large room where the twins sleep and a spare room where my wife and I have converted to a study.

Loft conversion isn’t always expensive and can be the cheaper alternative to moving to a bigger house.

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