The Perfect TV Room

Every guy needs a place he can call his home (besides his home!). I love my wife and my kids dearly but ocassionally I do need time to myself. Whether I am simply watching TV, football or my favourite series or playing on my PS3; I need to be in a world of my own to disappear from the outside.

I had something like this in mind..

But I couldn’t afford half of the facilities you see here in this mockup and the space required was far less than what we could spare.

For this very reason I created my den. This was 10′ x 10′ of pure ME! I created it with my architect from start to finish. It was something I was very proud of and still show it off to any and all guests and visitors. The males love it, the women – not so much!

For me it is my man-cave. I would like to spend more time hiding in there than I do, but just knowing it’s there makes me happy!


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