Extending Your Homes Value and Space

Welcome to my blog about homes!

I am very passionate about my home. It is my place of rest and the hub of my life (sounds cheesy I know!). I take a lot of pride in my home in the South of the UK and I have started this blog to give you tips, advice and recommendations for things to do in your home.

After moving out of my parents place, I rented a flat. It was a nice cosy bachelor pad and it was perfect for me as a single guy working in the city. I then met my girlfriend at the time (my wife now) and decided to settle down and start a family. So we got married, and whilst living in the flat I saved up a nice some of money. She too had some savings so we put the savings together and bought a house.

The house was a lovely 3 bedroom semi-detached, just far enough from the city to be relaxing and close enough to commute. Skip forward ten years and we are now a family of give. Our twin boys and our lovely daughter blessed us with their arrivals and the house we lived in soon became smaller than it is.

The loft had never really been used by us or the previous occupants – I didn’t even fancy going up there to be honest! But in truth it was space we could use to our advantage. So we decided to get a loft conversion done (Wikipedia article to more information on loft conversions). We contacted a few loft conversion companies in the area who all came out to look at the property and talk us through out options. We decided to go with a North London Loft Conversions company, Luxury Lofts, who swiftly came out, were very professional and gave us a fixed price quote and a realistic completion date (9 weeks). You can find them at www.luxurylofts.co.uk.

Within 8 weeks they were done and dusted. They did an amazing job, they kept the disturbance low and were pleasant. We now have an extra large room where the twins sleep and a spare room where my wife and I have converted to a study.

Loft conversion isn’t always expensive and can be the cheaper alternative to moving to a bigger house.